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Updated 5/8/2016

Picture Coming Soon (1963) Brunette S/L SAMPLE Skipper #1 (MIB)--NM Doll, comes in her original box with original swimsuit, brass headband, booklet, comb, brush and shoes still in original cello, original wire stande, original cardboard liner and original factory wrist tag. A stunning little beauty. Her paint is perfect and she has no earring holes. There is a teensy spot of green under her hairline. Her body is MINT but there are some red stains from her swimsuit. A totally gorgeous doll in such beautiful condition! $225.00
(1963) Brunette S/L Skipper #3--EX+ Doll, wears her original NM swimsuit and shoes. Beautiful Skipper has gorgeous long hair with no empty plugs or cuts. Her makeup is very pretty with only minor wear to her lips. No earring holes, no neck splits and no green. Body is EX+/NM with no marks or stains. A fabulous doll for your collection! As Is.
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Picture Coming Soon (1963) Redhead S/L SAMPLE Skipper #1 (NRFB)--NM Doll, comes in her original box with swimsuit, brass headband, shoes, booklet, brush and comb in original cello, gold wire stand, original cardboard liner and original factory attached wrist tag. What a beauty she is! Her makeup is factory mint and she has that creamy complexion. Her double rooted bangs are perfect, as is her luscious long red hair. No earring holes, neck splits or green ever. Her SAMPLE body is NM with no flaws. She is appropraitely marked "Japan" lengthwise on her feet. Box is very good. Has repaired corners. These are getting harder to find and this one will melt your heart! $225.00
(1963) Redhead S/L Skipper #2--EX+/NM Doll, wears her original swimsuit. Face paint on this one is perfect with no wear. She has no earring holes, green, cut hair or empty hair plugs. Her long, glossy titian hair seems a little on the thin side but there are no empty or thinning plugs. I think some models are just made this way. Her body has no marks or stains. She's just fabulous! As Is.
Additional Pictures:
(1963) Redhead S/L Skipper #3--EX+ Doll, wears her original swimsuit. A very pretty girl with awesome face and hair. Her makeup is perfect with no rubs. No earring holes, green or splits. Her hair is very thick and seems a little coarser, but there is a ton of it. Body is EX+/NM with no marks or stains A very sweet girl for your collection! As Is.
Additional Pictures:
(1965) Blonde B/L Skipper--NM doll, wears her original NM swimsuit and shoes. A great example of this popular cutie. Her hair is full and long with no cuts or empty plugs. Her makeup is mint with no wear. No earring holes, no necksplits, no green. Body is EX+. No pin pricks on legs and both bend and click properly. Light blue spot on one arm. An absolute beauty! As Is.
Additional Pictures:
(1973) Quick Curl Skipper (NRFB)--MINT Doll has never been removed from her packaging. She is beautiful and totally complete. The plastic bubble looks like it had come loose and has been secured in place with invisible tape. An awesome dolly for your collection!
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(1963) Redhead S/L Skooter--NM Doll, wears her original swimsuit and shoes. She is factory perfect with both rubberbands and ribbons still tied in her hair. Perfect facepaint with light pin blush. Body is EX+. Legs have some small red spots. Such a cutie! As Is.
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Friends - Ricky, Fluff and Tiff
(1965) S/L Ricky--EX+/NM Doll, wears his original outfit and sandals. Face paint and hair paint is perfect. Body is EX+ with small light clothing stain on one leg. An adorable little guy for you collection and what's a Skipper collection without a Ricky? As Is.
Additional Pictures:

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