Skipper, Skooter and Ricky
Classic Era Clothing

(1962 - 1965)

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Updated 8/23/2014

Ballet Class #1--NM/MINT/C (consignment item) $55.00
Ballet Class #2--NM/AC (missing one shoelace) $50.00
Day at the Fair--VG+/C (top is stained)(includes the rair mini Barbie doll) $50.00
Dreamtime #1--EX/AC (no directory) $45.00
Dress Coat #1--NM/MINT/C (consignment item) $50.00
Dress Coat #2--EX+NM/C $45.00
Dress Coat #3--EX+/AC (no socks) $40.00
Dress Coat #4--EX+/AC (no socks) $40.00
Dress Sensation #1--EX+/C (consignment item) $50.00
Dress Sensation #2--EX/C $45.00
Dress Sensation #3--VG+/EX/C $40.00
Fun Time--NM/C (ball is still in original plastic) (consignment item) $115.00
Masquerade #2--EX+/NM/C (original poms) (consignment item) $50.00
Masquerade #3--EX+/AC (no invitation) (replaced poms) $40.00
Outdoor Casuals #1--NM/C (consignment item) $60.00
Outdoor Casuals #1--VG+/EX/C (spots on pants may launder out) $45.00
Platter Party--EX Dress and shoes (Dress missing one pom) $25.00
Rain or Shine #1--EX+/NM/C (consignment item) $40.00
Rolla Scoot--EX/NM Bellbottom Pants $12.00
School Daze #1--EX+/NM/C (consignment item) $50.00
School Daze #2--VG+/EX/C (shirt dingy and spots on socks) $40.00
School Girl #1--EX/AC (no apple) (glasses have one arm and it is detached) (consignment item) $95.00
Ship Ahoy #1--EX/NM/C (vest missing one gold bead) (consignment item) $75.00
Silk 'N Fancy #1--NM/AC (missing one sock) (consignment item) $40.00
Silk 'N Fancy #2--NM/MINT Dress and headband $30.00
Skating Fun #1--EX+/C (consignment item) $45.00
Skating Fun #2--VG+/C (leotard toes need restitching) (spots on hat) (yellowed skates) $35.00
Sunny Pastels--EX+/NM/C (consignment item) $45.00
Town Togs--EX+/NM/C (need new thread for button loop on back of shirt) (consignment item) $60.00
Under-Pretties--EX/C $25.00

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