Francie and Casey

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Updated 10/28/2014

(1966) Blonde B/L Francie--VG Display Quality Doll, nude. Nice lips on this one, but her face has paled and she needs some new lashes. No earring holes, neck splits or green. 2 empty hairplugs are not noticeable. Her body is VG. Left leg bend and clicks fine but right leg does not bend and has a split in the vinyl across the knee. This one will make a great display doll. As Is.
Additional Pictures:
(1966) Brunette B/L Francie--VG+/EX Doll, wears original NM swimsuit. She has beautiful hair, perfect makeup and long lashes. There is an earring hole at each ear and a tiny pale spot at one ear. There is also a pale spot between her eyes. She has some bluing above her left eye, as if she were wearing eyeshadow. Her body is EX+. No pin pricks and everything bends. What a great looking doll!!
Additional Pictures:
(1969) Blonde Short-Flip Francie #2--VG+/EX Doll, nude. A cute doll ready for restoration. Hair needs to be reset and she needs a minor touch up to her lower lip. Missing a few lashes. There are a few earring holes at the ears but no green. Body is EX. Everything bend and clicks and there are no pin pricks or stains. Big toe on left foot is chipped and one tiny pinhold on outside of right ankle. Should restore beautifully! As Is.
Additional Pictures:
(1975) Korea Malibu Francie #1 (MIB)--Mint doll wears her original swimsuit and sunglasses with original factory cello still on head. Comes in her original brown stock box with liner. Includes original towel, clear X stand and fashion booklet. A stunner!As Is.
Additional Pictures:

(1967) Blonde Twist and Turn Casey #2--EX Doll, wears a FC original swimsuit. A pretty girl with perfect makeup and near perfect lashes. There are earring holes in both ears, but no fading or green. No neck splits or hair cuts, She has a small fingernail ding on her right cheek. Her body is EX+. Both legs bend and click perfectly. No pin pricks, marks or stains. There are 2 skin dings on her right knee. One is at the knee and the other on the shin. A sweet gal and ready to display your fave Francie set. As Is.
Additional Pictures:
(1967) Blonde Twist and Turn Casey #3--VG+/EX Doll, nude. Very lovely doll with super hair and makeup. No empty hair plugs or neck splits. She does have an earring hole in each ear. The left has a very small area of paling around it (not bad) the right has none and it looks closed up. She is missing a few lashes on her left eye and has a fingernail nick in the skin under the eye. Body is EX. Everything bends and clicks perfectly A few minor light pin pricks at her ankles...not very noticeable. She's a great doll! As Is.
Additional Pictures:
(1967) Brunette Twist and Turn Casey #2--VG/EX Doll, nude. She has gorgeous, full brunette hair and great makeup with lighter brown eyebrows. She is missing a few lashes from one eye. There is a tad bit of light paling around the right ear. The left ear, which is usually green, is just fine. Go figure!! Her body is VG+. No marks or stains. She has one tiny nip on the index finger of one hand and a teensy slit on her left ankle. The torso is fractured from the left leg joint toward the crotch about 1/2". This does not prevent the legs or torso from functioning properly. A really cute doll!!! As Is.
Additional Pictures:

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