Francie, Casey and Twiggy Clothing
(1965 - 1975)

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Bargain Basement Display Dolls

Updated 11/14/2014

Altogether Elegant--VG+/EX/C with VVHTF purse (lace needs retacking around the waistband) (consignment item) $90.00
Bloom Zoom #1--EX/NM Dress and leggings $20.00
Buckaroo Blues--NRFB $175.00 Picture Available
on Request
Corduroy Caper #2--EX/C including original hanger (2 light spots on cape) $35.00
Corduroy Caper #3--EX/C $35.00
Denims On--EX Jumpsuit, Jacket and shoes $50.00
Gad About #1--VG+/EX/AC (no glasses) (consignment item) $50.00
Gad About #2--VG+/AC (no glasses) $45.00
Gad About #3--VG+/EX/AC (no glasses and one boot) $40.00
Go Granny Go #1--EX/AC (missing record sleeve, record is missing label) $45.00
Gold Rush #2--EX Dress (lame shows some wear on back) $20.00
Gold Rush #3--VG+/EX Dress (very crisp, but lame show wear on front and back) $15.00
Hill Riders #1--NM/C (consignment item) $50.00
Hill Riders #2--EX/C (needs small stitch on end of one sleeve) $45.00
Hip Knits--EX Sweater, skirt and HTF yellow belt (consignment item) $50.00
Iced Blue--EX/AC (no shoes, small light yellow sticky spot on one stocking) $35.00
It's A Date--EX+/NM/AC (no shoes) $65.00
Merry Go Rounders--VG+/EX Coat,Dress and shoes (dress needs seam repair) $45.00
Note The Coat--VG/C (brown spot on sleeve) (Off-White) $15.00
Pretty Frilly--NM/AC (no necklace) $35.00
Pretty Frilly--EX/AC (no necklace) $25.00
Satin Happenin #1--NM/C (consignment item) $50.00
Satin Happenin #2--VG+/C (small spot on back of top) $45.00
Shoppin Spree #1--EX+/NM/C (consignment item) $95.00
Shoppin Spree #2--EX+/AC (no shoes) $75.00
Sidekick w/Ribbon Bow--EX+/NM/C (consignment item) $50.00
Sidekick w/RARE Plastic Bow--VG+/EX Dress (needs new thread for hook) $25.00
Slumber Number #1--EX/AC (no mask) $25.00
Slumber Number #2--EX Top and bottoms $15.00
Snazz--VG+/C (needs repair in waist, slip missing one strap) $45.00
Sugar Sheers--VG+/EX/AC (no shoes) (dress has stain that should launder out, small tear on cuff) (consignment item) $65.00
Summer Coolers--NM/AC VHTF (no glasses or umbrella) (consignment item) $75.00
Summer Frost--EX/AC (no shoes) (small red spot on lace) (consignment item) $55.00
Sunny Slacks--EX+/NM Pants $15.00
The Entertainer #1--EX+/C $45.00
The Entertainer #2--EX/C (tiny crack on one shoe) $35.00
Tuckered Out--EX+/NM/AC (no socks) $30.00
Twiggy-Do's #1--EX+ Dress, boots and HTF necklace (consignment item) $55.00
Twiggy-Do's #2--VG+Dress $20.00
Twiggy Gear--VG+ Pantsuit (missing one belt loop) $30.00
Victorian Wedding--EX/AC (no veil) (light spot on back of dress that should launder out. A little tearing at top of one sleeve, bouquet is missing some flowers, shoes have the usual tiny cracks) (consignment item) $40.00


Best Buy Fashions
Best Buy #8647 (1973)--EX/AC (no belt) $15.00
Best Buy #8647 (1973)--VG+/EX Shirt $7.00

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