Vintage Barbie PAK Clothing
(1960 - 1964)

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Bargain Basement Display Dolls

Updated 9/26/2014

PAK Lovely Lingerie in Blue--NRFB with sticker (consignment item) $125.00
PAK Ruffles 'n Lace--NRFB with sticker (consignment item) $102.50
on eBay
PAK Helenca Swimwear in Navy Blue--EX/NM/C (consignment item) $30.00
PAK In The Swim in Pink--VG+ Swimsuit (small seam separation on one side and a few popped threads) $10.00
PAK KNIT Coral Swimsuit--NM $15.00
PAK KNIT Pink Square Neck Sweater (hemmed waist)--EX+/NM $20.00
PAK KNIT Black Square Neck Sweater (hemmed waist)--EX+ $18.00
PAK KNIT White Cardigan Sweater (knitted waist)--NRFB (consignment item) $65.00
on eBay
PAK KNIT Pink Cardigan Sweater (hemmed waist)--EX ( a few tiny holes on back of collar) $15.00
PAK KNIT Multicolor Knit Top--EX $10.00
PAK KNIT Multicolor Knit Dress #1--EX+/NM with HTF belt (consignment item) $35.00
PAK KNIT Multicolor Knit Dress--EX+ (no belt) $20.00
PAK KNIT Multicolor Knit Long Top with "V" Back #1--EX $15.00
PAK KNIT Multicolor Knit Straight Skirt--EX/C (includes HTF belt and white sunglasses with blue lenses and gold glitter) (consignment item) $45.00
PAK KNIT Multicolor Stripe Long Skirt--EX (sparse glitter) (2 available) $15.00
PAK SATIN Rose Jacket--EX+ (some very light specs on cant pick them up) $18.00
PAK SATIN Rose One-strap Top #1--EX (pin hole on back from where it was sewn to card) $18.00
PAK SATIN Rose Wrap Skirt #1--EX $15.00
PAK SATIN Rose Slacks #1--EX+ (has creases from being folded) $18.00
PAK SATIN Rose Slacks #2--EX (has creases from being folded and needs a reinforcement stitch on the waist) $15.00
PAK SILK Turquois Sheath Dress--EX/C w/aqua O/T heels (consignment item) $50.00
PAK SILK Turquois Sheath Dress--EX/C w/aqua O/T heels (one shoe has a split) (consignment item) $45.00
PAK SILK Green Sheath Dress #1--EX/C w/green O/T heels (no tag - one dress strap needs a stitch) (consignment item) $40.00
PAK COTTON Yellow Pajamas #1--EX+/NM/C $12.00
PAK COTTON B&W Striped Tee and Shorts--EX $15.00
PAK COTTON Red Bodysuit--EX $12.00
PAK COTTON Pink Body Blouse--EX+/NM $15.00
PAK COTTON Orange Gathered Skirt--EX+/NM $15.00
PAK COTTON Pink Gathered Skirt--EX $12.00
PAK COTTON Black and White Gathered Skirt--EX $12.00
PAK COTTON White Sheath Skirt--EX+/NM $15.00
PAK COTTON Orange Sheath Skirt--EX $12.00
PAK COTTON Pink Sheath Skirt--EX $12.00
PAK COTTON Black and White Sheath Skirt #1--EX $12.00
PAK COTTON Red Pants--EX $12.00
PAK COTTON Red Apron #1--NM/C $25.00
PAK COTTON Red Apron #2--EX/C $23.00
PAK COTTON Blue Apron #1--NM/C $25.00

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