Vintage Barbie and Friends
MOD Era Clothing

(1968 - 1972)
(Also Includes Best Buys and Other Fashions)

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Bargain Basement Display Dolls

Updated 5/16/2015

Anti Freezers #1--EX/AC (no boots) (buttons are worn) $35.00
City Sparkler--VG+/EX VHTF Dress (somve very light spots on back of chiffon) $30.00
Cold Snap--EX/C $35.00
Dream-Ins--VG+/C $18.00
Fab Fur--EX/C (chain needs reattached on one side of coat, back of skirt needs new thread loop) VVHTF (consignment item) $100.00
Flower Wower--VG+/EX/AC (no shoes)(needs small seam repair) $25.00
Fun Flakes--EX/AC (just missing pink shell) (pants need a stitch in the rear) $20.00
Great Coat--NM/C $35.00
Happy Go Pink--EX+ Dress and shoes $40.00
Harem-m-m's--EX/NM/C (with HTF belt) $25.00
Important Investment--EX+/NM/C $55.00 Picture Available
on Request
Important Investment--EX Dress and Vest (dress needs new hook on back) $25.00
In Stitches--NM/C (consignment item) $175.00
Lace Caper--VG+/EX Shirt, pants and shoes (light spotting) $25.00
Lemon Kick--EX/C (w/replacement yellow undies) $45.00
Leisure Leopard--NRFB (no sticker) $95.00 Picture Available
on Request
Made For Each Other--EX/C (replacement blouse) $75.00 Picture Available
on Request
Madras Mod--EX Coat and purse (a little wrinkled) $45.00
Magnificent Midi--VG+ Coat, dress and hat (one button worn, small spot on back of dress, needs half snap reattached) $65.00
Make Mine Midi--EX/C (one flower loose on skirt, minor wear to velvet on belt and one stocking has 3/4 - 1" tear on seam at top) $55.00
Midi Mood--EX+/NM/C $45.00
Mood Matchers--EX+/NM/AC (missing belt) $40.00
Now Knit--NM/AC (no shoes, hat scarf or slide closure for neck scarf) $35.00
Oh Boy Corderoy--EX/NM/C (solid white boots) $45.00
Overall Denim--EX/AC (no backpack) (end of one of the shirt sleeves needs to be restitched) $35.00
Pajama Pow--EX Jumpsuit and yellow sqishy flats. (consignment item) $50.00
Peasant Pleasant--NM/C (consignment item) $50.00
Picture Me Pretty--NM Dress and one shoe $20.00
Pleasantly Peasanty--EX/NM/C (consignment item) $55.00
Rainbow Wraps--EX Dress and shawl (bow is a little loose) (consignment item) $50.00
Rare Pair--VG/EX Dress and jacket (4 gold beads...included...need to be reattached to dress) $25.00
Red For Rain--EX+/AC (no boots) $20.00
Scuba Do's (RARE VARIATION)--VG+/EX Swimsuit and flippers. (Top needs hem repair) $35.00
Shape Ups #1--NRFB with sticker (consignment item) $95.00
Shape Ups #2--NRFB with sticker (variation of above) (consignment item) $95.00
Sharp Shift--NM/C w/yellow pilgrims $25.00
Shift Into Knit #1--EX+/NM/C (consignment item) $50.00
Shift Into Knit #2--EX+/C (needs new thread button loops on back) $45.00
Silver Polish--EX/C (small red stain on back of coat) (consignment item) $50.00
Silver Serenade--EX/AC VERY RARE (missing 1 glove)
(one dress strap needs reinforcing and top of mic is broken)
(seller has included a pair of genuine Mattel silver lame pants, that can be used to create a glove)
(consignment item)
Silver Sparkle--EX/NM Dress $15.00
Smasheroo--VG+/AC (missing 1 hose)(light spots on coat) (replacement vintage chain) $45.00
Soft 'n Snug--EX/NM VERY RARE Skirt (consignment item) $40.00
Sports Star--NRFB (consignment item) $50.00
Sports Star--NM/C $30.00
Sweet Dreams--EX Pajama top and pants (2 sets available) $10.00
Tangerine Scene--NRFB (with sticker) (consignment item) $95.00
Tangerine Scene--NM/C (w/HTF orange squishy flats) $45.00 Picture Available
on Request
Tennis Team--EX/C $30.00
Twinkle Togs--EX/C (small hole in top of one stocking) $65.00 Picture Available
on Request
Twinkle Togs--VG+ Dress $30.00
Two Way Tiger--VG+/EX/C (needs crotch repair) $35.00
Velvet Venture--VG+/EX Coat (needs new eyehook and chain) $20.00
Victorian Velvet--EX/C (comes with purple T-Strap shoes not pictured) $55.00
Wild 'n Wintery--EX+/AC (no boots) (replacement belt) (consignment item) $95.00
Winter Wedding #1--EX+/C (consignment item) $65.00
Winter Wedding #2--VG+/AC (no bouquet, spots on dress) $45.00
Winter Wow--EX/C (end of belt has some missing foil) (consignment item) $85.00

(Post Mod Era 1973 and Up)
Best Buys, GUAG's, Fashion Collectibles
Barbie Fashion #3208 (1973)--EX/NM/AC (no shoes) $25.00
Barbie Fashion #3348 (1973)--NM/C $18.00
Best Buy #8620 (1973)--EX/NM Dress $18.00
Best Buy #8685 (1973)--EX/AC (no shoes) $18.00
Best Buy #8691 (1973)--NM Red and white polkadot skirt and pants $15.00
Sears Exclusive Sweet 16 Outfit (1974)--VG/EX Plaid jacket with flower, white pants, white shorts, denim top and long denim skirt $25.00
Best Buy #7746 (1974)--VG+/C (small hole on back) $5.00
Best Buy #7747 (1974)--EX+/NM/C $25.00 Picture Available
on Request
Best Buy #7748 (1974)--EX/NM Jacket and skirt $18.00
Best Buy #7749-1 (1974)--EX/C $18.00
Best Buy #7749-2 (1974)--VG/EX/C $15.00
Best Buy #7750 (1974)--EX/AC (missing belt) $18.00
Best Buy #7753 (1974)--EX/C VHTF (elastic in shirt needs tiny repair) $35.00
Best Buy #7813 (1974)--NRFB (consignment item) $40.00
Best Buy #7813 (1974)--NM/M/C $18.00
Best Buy #7817 (1974)--NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #7823 (1974)--EX/AC (no scarf) VHTF $35.00
Party Separates (1974)--EX+ Pink satin pants $8.00
Best Buy #7415 (1975)--EX/NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #2218 (1975)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Best Buy #7200 (1975)--EX Top only (no flower) $5.00
Best Buy #7203 (1975)--EX+/C $15.00
Best Buy #7205 (1975)--EX+/C $15.00
Best Buy #9153-1 (1975)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Best Buy #9153-2 (1975)--EX+/C $15.00 Picture Available
on Request
Best Buy #9158-1 (1975)--NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #9164-1 (1975)--NRFB (2 available) $30.00
Best Buy #9580-1 (1976)--NM/C VVHTF $25.00
Best Buy #9620 (1977)--NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #9622-1 (1977)--EX/NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #9963 (1977)--NM/C $20.00 Picture Available
on Request
Fashion Favorites #2787 - Court Casuals (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Best Buy #1350 (1978)--NRFB $15.00
Best Buy #1359 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Best Buy #2551-1 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Best Buy #2553-1 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Best Buy #2556 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Fashion Add-Ons - Hair Originals #2457 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Fashion Add-Ons - Scarfs & Such #2462 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Beginners Fashions #1368 (1979)--NRFB (Foreign Issue) $13.00
Fashion Collectibles #1980 (1980)--NRFB (plastic is lifting in places) $13.00
Bargain Fashion #3439 (1980)--NRFB $13.00
Bargain Fashion #3444 (1980)--NRFB $13.00
Best Buy #3633 (1981)--NRFB (2 available) $13.00
Best Buy #3637 (1981)--NRFB $13.00
Fashion Collectibles #3689 (1981)--NRFB $13.00
Designer Originals #3799 - White Delight (1981)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Foreign Fashion #5039 - Four Seasons (1981)--NRFB $20.00
Collector Series 1 - Heavenly Holidays #4277 (1982)--NRFB (2 Available) $30.00
Collector Series I - Heavenly Holidays #4277 (1982)--NRFB (Box has dents and creases) $25.00
Wedding of the Year #5743 - Here Comes The Bride (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Wedding of the Year #5744 - Suited For The Groom (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Wedding of the Year #5745- Bridesmaid's Dream (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Designer Collection #5651 - Date Night (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Fashion Fantasy #4815 - Letter Perfect (1982)--NRFB $20.00
Spectacular Fashions #7218 - Dance Sensation (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Fashion Classics #5702 (1983)--NRFB $15.00
Fashion Playsets - Vet Fun #9267 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Wedding Party #7967 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Reversible Fashions #4821-1 (1984)--NM Top and skirt $10.00 Picture Available
on Request
Reversible Fashions #4829 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Finishing Touches - Pretty Closets #2771 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Finishing Touches - 9 to 5 #2775 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
B Active Fashion #2180 (1985)--EX+/NM/C $10.00 Picture Available
on Request
Dream Glow Fashions - #2188 (1985)--NRFB (This outfit glows in the dark!!) (consignment item) $25.00
Flapper Fashion (1989)--NM Yellow and white flapper dress and yellow heels $10.00
Fashion Finds #9967 (1989)--NRFB $5.00
Fashion Wraps #4747 (1990)--NRFB $5.00
Fashion Favorites #783-1 (1990)--NRFB $5.00
Fashion Favorites #783-2 (1990)--NRFB $5.00
Fashion Favorites #783-3 (1990)--NRFB $5.00
Fantasy Fashions #781 (1991)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Day To Night Fashions - Autumn Sparkle (1991)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Day To Night Fashions - Winter Dazzle (1991)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Fifth Avenue Fashions - Designed by Carol Spencer (1992)--EX/C Fuschia/Black suede set $25.00
Fancy Frills--NM Dress $6.00
Sports Fashion #68312 (1995)--NRFB $5.00
Cut & Style Hair Refills #13071 Copper Penney--NRFB $6.00
Cut & Style Hair Refills #13071 Jet Black--NRFB $6.00


Other Vintage Clothing for
Barbie and Friends
Unknown 1970's Dress--EX+ Mini dress made of metalic strips. Includes a matching hat. This looks great on Twiggy! $15.00
Unknown 1970's Coat--EX/NM White fur midi coat. $10.00
Unknown 1970's Coat--EX Leopard coat with matching hat. $15.00
Charly Fashion (1979)--NRFB (Yellow Raincoat with matching hat and white boots) $3.00
Charly Fashion (1980)--NRFB (Red and white lame pants outfit with red boots and scarf) $3.00

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