Vintage Barbie and Friends
MOD Era Clothing

(1968 - 1972)
(Also Includes Best Buys and Other Fashions)

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Bargain Basement Display Dolls

Updated 8/23/2014

Action Accents Sears Exclusive Giftset--EX Jacket, skis and slippers $20.00
Anti Freezers #1--EX/AC (no boots) (buttons are worn) $35.00
Blue Royalty--VG+ Dress and jacket (dress needs repairs) $35.00
City Sparkler--VG+/EX VHTF Dress (somve very light spots on back of chiffon) $35.00
Cold Snap #2--NRFB (consignment item) $115.00 Picture Available
on Request
Cold Snap #3--EX/C $40.00
Dancing Lights--EX VERY RARE original necklace (needs one stitch) (consignment item) $195.00 Picture Available
on Request
Dinner Dazzle (Sears Exclusive) Giftset--EX/C (skirt needs new button/loop on back, blouse needs repairs in armpits) (consignment item) $250.00
Dream-Ins--VG+/C $18.00
Fab Fur--EX/C (chain needs reattached on one side of coat, back of skirt needs new thread loop) VVHTF (consignment item) $110.00
Flower Wower--VG+/EX/AC (no shoes)(needs small seam repair) $25.00
Fun Flakes--EX/AC (just missing pink shell) (pants need a stitch in the rear) $20.00
Golden Groove (Sears Exclusive) Giftset--VG+/EX/C (needs repairs in both armpits) (consignment item) $175.00
Great Coat #2--NM/C $45.00
Happy Go Pink #1--EX+ Dress and shoes $45.00
Harem-m-m's #1--EX/NM/C (with HTF belt) $25.00
Important Investment--EX Dress and Vest (dress needs new hook on back) $25.00
In Stitches--NM/C (consignment item) $195.00
Knit Hit--NRFB (no sticker) (consignment item) $155.00
Lace Caper--VG+/EX Shirt, pants and shoes (light spotting) $25.00
Lemon Kick--EX/C (w/replacement yellow undies) $45.00
Leisure Leopard--MOC (Dress and shoes are loose) (consignment item) $50.00
Made For Each Other--EX Coat, Skirt and VHTF Belt (replacement yellow shirt) $55.00
Madras Mod--EX Coat and purse (a little wrinkled) $45.00
Magnificent Midi #1--VG+ Coat, dress and hat (one button worn, small spot on back of dress, needs half snap reattached) $65.00
Make Mine Midi #1--EX/C (one flower loose on skirt, minor wear to velvet on belt and one stocking has 3/4 - 1" tear on seam at top) $55.00
Midi Mood--EX+/NM/C $45.00
Mood Matchers--EX+/NM/AC (missing belt) $40.00
Now Knit--NM/AC (no shoes, hat scarf or slide closure for neck scarf) $45.00
Oh Boy Corderoy--EX/NM/C (solid white boots) $45.00
Overall Denim--EX/AC (no backpack) (end of one of the shirt sleeves needs to be restitched) $35.00
Pajama Pow--EX Jumpsuit and yellow sqishy flats. (consignment item) $50.00
Peasant Pleasant--NM/C (consignment item) $50.00
Picture Me Pretty--NM Dress and one shoe $25.00
Pleasantly Peasanty--EX/NM/C (consignment item) $60.00
Rainbow Wraps--EX Dress and shawl (bow is a little loose) (consignment item) $60.00
Rare Pair #1--NRFB with sticker (consignment item) $195.00
Rare Pair #2--VG/EX Dress and jacket (4 gold beads...included...need to be reattached to dress) $25.00
Red For Rain--EX+/AC (no boots) $25.00
Scuba Do's--NRFB with sticker (consignment item) $150.00
Scuba Do's (RARE VARIATION)--VG+/EX Swimsuit and flippers. (Top needs hem repair) $40.00
Shape Ups #1--NRFB with sticker (consignment item) $135.00
Shape Ups #2--NRFB with sticker (variation of above) (consignment item) $135.00
Shape Ups #2--EX/NM/AC (just missing pull cord) Comes with RARE red buckle flats and an additional twistee from a variation of this outfit. $60.00
Sharp Shift--NM/C w/yellow pilgrims $25.00
Shift Into Knit #1--EX+/NM/C (consignment item) $55.00
Shift Into Knit #2--EX+/C (needs new thread button loops on back) $50.00
Silver 'n Satin (JC Penney Exclusive) Giftset--EX/NM/C (consignment item) $375.00
Silver Polish--EX/C (small red stain on back of coat) (consignment item) $50.00
Silver Serenade--EX/AC VERY RARE (missing 1 glove and mic) (one strap needs reinforcing on dress)
(also includes a pair of genuine Mattel silver pants, that can be used to create a glove)
(consignment item)
Silver Sparkle--EX/NM Dress $15.00
Smasheroo--VG+/AC (missing 1 hose)(light spots on coat) (replacement vintage chain) $45.00
Soft 'n Snug--EX/NM VERY RARE Skirt (consignment item) $45.00
Sports Star #1--NRFB (consignment item) $65.00
Sports Star #2--NM/C $35.00
Stripes Are Happening (Stacey Giftset) (MIB)--Doll is EX with original hair ribbon. She does not have a wrist tag.
She is in a replica slim line box and comes with booklet and stand. Outfit is NM and needs to be reattached to a card.
This set is missing the original card so a new one would have to be fabricated. The box is in EX condition with the usual shelf wear on the edges. I've made the picture large enough so you can judge this item for yourself. A must have for the die-hard collector.
Sweet Dreams--EX Pajama top and pants (2 sets available) $10.00
Tangerine Scene #1--NRFB (with sticker) (consignment item) $135.00
Tangerine Scene #2--NM/C (w/HTF orange squishy flats) $50.00
Tennis Team #1--EX/C $30.00
Twinkle Togs--VG+ Dress $30.00
Two Way Tiger--VG+/EX/C (needs crotch repair) $35.00
Velvet Venture--VG+/EX Coat (needs new eyehook and chain) $20.00
Victorian Velvet--EX/AC (no shoes) $35.00
Wild 'n Wintery--EX+/AC (no boots) (replacement belt) (consignment item) $95.00
Winter Wedding #1--EX+/C (consignment item) $65.00
Winter Wedding #2--VG+/AC (no bouquet, spots on dress) $45.00
Winter Wow--EX/C (end of belt has some missing foil) (consignment item) $85.00

(Post Mod Era 1973 and Up)
Best Buys, GUAG's, Fashion Collectibles
Barbie Fashion #3208 (1973)--EX/NM/AC (no shoes) $25.00
Barbie Fashion #3348 (1973)--NM/C $18.00
Best Buy #8620 (1973)--EX/NM Dress $18.00
Best Buy #8685 (1973)--EX/AC (no shoes) $18.00
Best Buy #8691 (1973)--NM Red and white polkadot skirt and pants $15.00
Sears Exclusive Sweet 16 Outfit (1974)--VG/EX Plaid jacket with flower, white pants, white shorts, denim top and long denim skirt $25.00
Best Buy #7746 (1974)--VG+/C (small hole on back) $5.00
Best Buy #7747 (1974)--EX+/NM/C $25.00 Picture Available
on Request
Best Buy #7748 (1974)--EX/NM Jacket and skirt $18.00
Best Buy #7749-1 (1974)--EX/C $18.00
Best Buy #7749-2 (1974)--VG/EX/C $15.00
Best Buy #7750 (1974)--EX/AC (missing belt) $18.00
Best Buy #7753 (1974)--EX/C VHTF (elastic in shirt needs tiny repair) $40.00
Best Buy #7813 (1974)--NRFB (consignment item) $40.00
Best Buy #7813 (1974)--NM/M/C $18.00
Best Buy #7817 (1974)--NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #7823 (1974)--EX/AC (no scarf) VHTF $35.00
Party Separates (1974)--EX+ Pink satin pants $8.00
Best Buy #7415 (1975)--EX/NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #2218 (1975)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Best Buy #7200 (1975)--EX Top only (no flower) $5.00
Best Buy #7203 (1975)--EX+/C $15.00
Best Buy #7205 (1975)--EX+/C $15.00
Best Buy #9153-1 (1975)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Best Buy #9153-2 (1975)--EX+/C $15.00 Picture Available
on Request
Best Buy #9158-1 (1975)--NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #9164-1 (1975)--NRFB (2 available) $30.00
Best Buy #9580-1 (1976)--NM/C VVHTF $25.00
Best Buy #9620 (1977)--NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #9621-1 (1977)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Best Buy #9622-1 (1977)--EX/NM/C $15.00
Best Buy #9963 (1977)--NM/C $20.00 Picture Available
on Request
Fashion Favorites #2787 - Court Casuals (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $35.00
Best Buy #1350 (1978)--NRFB $15.00
Best Buy #1359 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Best Buy #2551-1 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Best Buy #2553-1 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Best Buy #2556 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Best Buy #2767 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Best Buy #2768 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Fashion Add-Ons - Hair Originals #2457 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Fashion Add-Ons - Scarfs & Such #2462 (1978)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Beginners Fashions #1368 (1979)--NRFB (Foreign Issue) $13.00
Fashion Collectibles #1980 (1980)--NRFB (plastic is lifting in places) $13.00
Bargain Fashion #3439 (1980)--NRFB $13.00
Bargain Fashion #3444 (1980)--NRFB $13.00
Best Buy #3633 (1981)--NRFB (2 available) $13.00
Best Buy #3637 (1981)--NRFB $13.00
Fashion Collectibles #3689 (1981)--NRFB $13.00
Designer Originals #3799 - White Delight (1981)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Foreign Fashion #5039 - Four Seasons (1981)--NRFB $20.00
Collector Series 1 - Heavenly Holidays #4277 (1982)--NRFB (2 Available) $35.00
Collector Series I - Heavenly Holidays #4277 (1982)--NRFB (Box has dents and creases) $30.00
Wedding of the Year #5743 - Here Comes The Bride (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Wedding of the Year #5744 - Suited For The Groom (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Wedding of the Year #5745- Bridesmaid's Dream (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $30.00
Designer Collection #5651 - Date Night (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Fashion Fantasy #4815 - Letter Perfect (1982)--NRFB $20.00
Spectacular Fashions #7218 - Dance Sensation (1982)--NRFB (consignment item) $25.00
Fashion Classics #5702 (1983)--NRFB $18.00
Fashion Playsets - Vet Fun #9267 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Wedding Party #7967 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Reversible Fashions #4821-1 (1984)--NM Top and skirt $10.00 Picture Available
on Request
Reversible Fashions #4829 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Finishing Touches - Pretty Closets #2771 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Finishing Touches - 9 to 5 #2775 (1984)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
B Active Fashion #2180 (1985)--EX+/NM/C $12.00 Picture Available
on Request
Dream Glow Fashions - #2188 (1985)--NRFB (This outfit glows in the dark!!) (consignment item) $30.00
Flapper Fashion (1989)--NM Yellow and white flapper dress and yellow heels $12.00
Fashion Finds #9967 (1989)--NRFB $5.00
Fashion Wraps #4747 (1990)--NRFB $5.00
Fashion Favorites #783-1 (1990)--NRFB $5.00
Fashion Favorites #783-2 (1990)--NRFB $5.00
Fashion Favorites #783-3 (1990)--NRFB $5.00
Fantasy Fashions #781 (1991)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Day To Night Fashions - Autumn Sparkle (1991)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Day To Night Fashions - Winter Dazzle (1991)--NRFB (consignment item) $20.00
Fifth Avenue Fashions - Designed by Carol Spencer (1992)--EX/C Fuschia/Black suede set with black poodle. $25.00
Fancy Frills--NM Dress $6.00
Sports Fashion #68312 (1995)--NRFB $5.00
Cut & Style Hair Refills #13071 Copper Penney--NRFB $6.00
Cut & Style Hair Refills #13071 Jet Black--NRFB $6.00


Other Vintage Clothing for
Barbie and Friends
Unknown 1970's Dress--EX+ Mini dress made of metalic strips. Includes a matching hat. This looks great on Twiggy! $15.00
Unknown 1970's Coat--EX/NM White fur midi coat. $10.00
Unknown 1970's Coat--EX Leopard coat with matching hat. $15.00
Charly Fashion (1979)--NRFB (Yellow Raincoat with matching hat and white boots) $3.00
Charly Fashion (1980)--NRFB (Red and white lame pants outfit with red boots and scarf) $3.00

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