Vintage Barbie Glamour Era Clothing
(1965 - 1967)

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Updated 12/2/2014

Barbie Learns To Cook #1634--EX Dress, belt, potholder, 2 pots, 2 lids, double broiler, toaster, 2 slices of toast, cook book and HTF light blue "Extra Tall Spikes" $175.00
Caribbean Cruise in RED (Shillman Version)--EX Jumpsuit patterned after Mattel's Carribean Cruise $20.00
Club Meeting #1627-1--NM/C with extra-tall SPIKES (consignment item) $225.00
Club Meeting #1627-2--NM/C (consignment item) $150.00
Color Magic Fashion Fun #4041--EX Pants Only $15.00
Crisp 'n Cool #1601--VG+/EX/C (Top is slightly dingy, small spot on the back should launder out) $40.00
Dreamland #1669--EX Gown $25.00
Evening Gala #1660--EX Pants (small spot on ruffle) and EX Skirt (has crease) $50.00 Picture Available
On Request
Fashion Editor #1635--EX/C (consignment item) $175.00
Fashion Shiner #1691--EX+/C with HTF Red Umbrella (consignment item) $125.00
Fraternity Dance #1638-1--EX+/NM/C (chain tarnished) (consignment item) $175.00
Fun At The Fair #1624--EX/AC (no candy) $50.00
Fun 'n Games #1619-1--EX+/NM/AC (missing wickets and 1 stake) (consignment item) $65.00
Fun 'n Games #1619-2--EX Dress $25.00
Golden Evening #1610--EX+/AC (no bracelet) $60.00
Holiday Dance #1639--EX+/C (one strap needs reattaching) (consignment item) $250.00
Knit Hit #1621--EX+/NM Sweater and skirt $45.00
Music Center Matinee #1663--EX+/C (with rare SPIKES) (consignment item) $350.00
Patio Party #1692--EX+/AC (no earrings) (light streaks on overdress) $75.00 Picture Available
On Request
Riding In The Park #1668--EX+/NM/C VVHTF (Blouse needs efferdenting) (consignment item) $275.00
Satin 'n Rose #1611--EX+ Jacket, blouse, skirt and pants (needs steaming) $75.00
Saturday Matinee #1615--EX+/NM/C (foil worn on purse) $325.00
Student Teacher #1622-1--EX+/NM/C (consignment item) $160.00
Student Teacher #1622-2--EX+/C (consignment item) $150.00
Sunday Visit #1675--EX+/C (belt is missing the buckle, small spot on bottom of coat) (consignment item) $150.00
Underprints #1685--VG+/EX/AC (bra needs repair) $30.00

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