Vintage Barbie Classic Era Clothing
(1959 - 1964)

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Bargain Basement Display Dolls

Updated 8/17/2015

Arabian Nights #0874-1--EX+/AC (missing 1 gold bracelet and pamphlet) (consignment item) $125.00
Arabian Nights #0874-2--EX+/AC (missing pamphlet, shoes and lamp) (repro bracelets) $75.00
Ballerina #0823-1--EX+/AC (no crown or laces) $40.00
Ballerina #0823-2--NM Leotard on original cardboard form $15.00
Barbie Babysits #953-1--EX+/NM Apron (2 Available) $5.00
Barbie In Mexico #0820-1--EX+/NM/AC (no necklace or pamphlet) (includes the VERY RARE earrings with one broken post) $75.00
Barbie In Mexico #0820-2--NM Skirt, VG+ Dress (not pictured) shawl and shoes $50.00
Barbie In Hawaii #1605-1--EX+/AC (no anklet, no pamphlet) $60.00
Barbie In Hawaii #1605-2--EX/AC (no anklet, no pamphlet) $50.00
Barbie-Q #962--VG+/EX/AC (replaced shoes, no knife, apron needs washing) $45.00 Picture Available
On Request
Busy Morning #956-1--EX/AC (missing hat and necklace) $50.00
Candy Striper #0889-1--EX/NM/AC (only missing the spoon) (includes rare fork and knife - prongs on fork snapped off but included for you to reglue) (consignment item) $140.00
Cheerleader #0876--EX+/AC (no skirt) $45.00
Cinderella #0872-1--NM/C pale yellow version, includes RARE original story pamphlet (consignment item) $175.00
Cinderella #0872-2--EX Pale yellow ball gown, veil and gloves. Small rust spot on back of dress. Netting on veil and dress is yellow. This does not appear to be yellowed with age, but rather actual yellow mesh. Factory variation? $75.00
Commuter Set #916-2--EX Jacket, skirt, satin blouse and HTF navy shoes $95.00
Cruise Stripes--EX+/C (consignment item) $75.00
Dinner at Eight #946--EX/C $60.00
Drum Majorette #0875--EX+/C $70.00
Evening Splendour #961--EX Coat, dress, purse and gloves (purse needs new bead) $50.00 Picture Available
On Request
Fancy Free #943--EX/C $25.00
Graduation #945--EX+/NM/AC (no collar) $30.00
Guenivere #0873--NM/C (Includes RARE original story pamphlet) (consignment item) $110.00
Ice Breaker #942--NM/C $60.00
Knitting Pretty BLUE Version #0957-2--EX+/NM/AC (consignment item) $80.00
Orange Blossom #987-2--EX+/C $60.00
Party Date #958-1--EX+/AC (no shoes) (needs steaming) $45.00
Plantation Belle #966--EX/AC (no bracelet or earrings) (hat has a few tiny dark spots, necklace needs new hook, slip has some light spots that should launder out) $100.00
Rain Coat #949-1--EX/C (3 small spots on coat) $35.00
Red Flare #939-2--EX/AC (no shoes) $35.00
Registered Nurse #991-1--EX/AC (no medicine) $75.00
Resort Set #963-1--EX/AC (missing top straps on shoes, bracelet has 1 charm) $40.00
Senior Prom #951-1--EX+ Dress (needs steaming) $40.00
Senior Prom #951-2--EX+ Dress (needs steaming) $40.00
Sheath Sensation #986-2--EX/C (hat has light frey on edges, missing inner band) $40.00
Sightseeing (Sew Free Fashion) #1713--EX Vest, scarf and purse. (Includes homemade dress that looks great with these pieces) $25.00
Silken Flame #977--VG+/EX/C $40.00
Ski Queen #948-1--NM/C (A beautiful set!!!) (consignment item) $75.00
Sophisticated Lady #993-1--NM/C (consignment item) $100.00
Sophisticated Lady #993-2--EX/AC (no necklace, no crown) (Lining of coat has some color run at the bottom) $50.00
Sweet Dreams YELLOW TM Version #973-1--VG/EX Top (straps are rolled) - Turn your set into a #1 version or buy it for the tag, which is NM or to make a hair ribbon. $10.00
Sweet Dreams YELLOW (R) Version #973-2--EX+/NM/C (consignment item) $60.00
Tennis Anyone #941--EX+/C (raquet has small melt mark) $45.00 Picture Available
On Request
Theater Date #959-1--EX+/C $55.00
Theater Date #959-2--VG+/EX/C $45.00
Winter Holiday #975-2--EX+/C (consignment item) $60.00

Classic Handmade Outfits and Clones
Gold and White Cocktail Dress--EX white and gold brocade design with snap back closure. Patterened after Barbie's outfit "Golden girl". Untagged. $10.00
Aqua Velvet Gown--EX Aqua/Turquoise strapless gown made of velvet, with a black velvet waistband and pearl accents. Gorgeous! Untagged. $10.00

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FC = Fair Condition
GC = Good Condition
VG = Very Good Condition
VG/EX = Very Good to Excellent Condition
EX = Excellent Condition
EX/NM = Excellent to Near Mint Condition
NM = Near Mint Condition
M = Mint Condition
MIB = Mint In Box
NRFB = Never Removed From Box
S/L = Straight-Legs
B/L = Bendable-Legs
OW = Otherwise
C = Complete
AC = Amost Complete
= Hard To Find
VHTF = Very Hard To Find

Sometimes you will see a plus sign after a grade which indicates that it is better
than the condition described but I'm just afraid to take it up another notch,
so no one will be disapointed. The combination categories indicate that
certain parts of an item are one category while other parts of it fall into another.

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